FireOak Strategies: Working with Clients

At FireOak Strategies, we work to help organizations make the most of their knowledge, information, and data -- which means encouraging knowledge sharing, improving organizational knowledge flow, and protecting data, information, and knowledge assets. 

Our job is to take research, theory, and best practices from knowledge management, library science, information management, information security, communication, and organizational behavior and apply them to clients' unique organizational culture and needs. 

We draw upon our experience working with organizations of all shapes and sizes, from various sectors, and based around the world. 

We consistently ask questions about how we can better connect people to the knowledge and information they need: what types of information and knowledge are people seeking? How can we make that findable, discoverable, and easily actionable? How can we make sure it is protected and secured? 

Ready to start a new project?

We're happy to talk about your organizational knowledge management & information security challenges. Whether you're ready to develop and launch a new Community of Practice, design and implement a knowledge base, or you're looking for a knowledge management and/or an information security assessment to help articulate issues and prioritize where to start, we're here to talk. 

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