Recent Consulting Engagements and Projects

Recent Consulting Engagements

Many of our clients come to us because of problems like these: 

"No one can find what they're looking for."

"We can't share because of security."

"Stuff is scattered in so many systems, we can't find anything."

"We're worried about losing valuable, irreplaceable data and information."

We work with clients across all sectors, but our specialty is working with international organizations, NGOs, humanitarian and philanthropic organizations, and non-profits. 

Knowledge Management Consulting

The FireOak team often supports organizations by helping them enhance, improve, and strengthen their approach to knowledge management. Recent engagements include: 

  • Assessing a U.S.-based philanthrophic organization's enterprise-wide approach to knowledge management and information security in order to recommend practical next steps
  • Supporting the development of a U.S.-based top-rated insurance company's enterprise-wide knowledge management strategy and implementation efforts in order to promote a culture of knowledge sharing
  • For the International Potato Center (CIP), supporting internal and external knowledge sharing through the development of an Open Access/Open Data strategic plan, operations, and implementation
  • Developing a knowledge management strategy for a regional healthcare provider's business intelligence and analytics divisions to break down silos, improve organizational efficiency and effectiveness, and improve morale
  • Suporting the CGIAR Consortium's Open Access and Data Management Policy and implementation efforts
  • Supporting UNESCO's Open Access programme
  • For an international philanthropic organization, developing, deploying, curating, and managing a knowledge base of research for higher education practitioners to foster collaboration and innovation throughout a network of peers

Information & Data Management Consulting

FireOak is a leader in developing and implementing practical, sustainable, and scalable information & data management strategies, particularly for international non-profits, NGOs, and research centers. Recent engagements include:  

  • Conducting a research data management assessment for the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) in order to recommend practical next steps
  • Conducting a research data management assessment for WorldFish, an international research center based in Malaysia, and providing strategic support after the completion of the assessment
  • Developing a taxonomy for the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) for a new knowledge sharing and collaboration platform to promote findability and discoverability of content within a community of practice
  • Performing cataloging and extract-transform-load (ETL) operations for a research organization to migrate content from an integrated library system to an open access repository

Information Security

FireOak often works with clients to address information security challenges connected to information governance and knowledge management. Some examples: 

  • Working with a non-profit organization based out of Germany to assess their full information and knowledge management environment, with a particular focus on information security
  • Conducting an information security assessment for a liberal arts college in Pennsylvania, assessing and providing actionable recommendations related to the technical infrastructure, IT operations, organizational culture, and governance
  • For a government agency, steering the development of a secure portal to capture and preserve all types of information and knowledge about a custom-built platform
  • For an international research center, assessing and recommending ways to strengthen how they secure their research data