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The FireOak Tech Lab

About the Tech Lab

Even though we’re knowledge management and information security consultants, we’re tech geeks at heart, and often, we’re found in the FireOak Tech Lab.

We use the FireOak tech lab to build new tools to help us diagnose and solve our clients’ knowledge management and information security problems. We routinely use many of our own custom-developed tools during information security and knowledge management assessments for engagements that include shadow IT discovery, penetration tests, vulnerability assessments, physical security evaluations, social engineering tests, or network evaluation components. Other tools get deployed for extended periods on-site at client offices so we have visibility into their networks and can efficiently detect cybersecurity incidents and monitor network traffic for anomalies.

FireOak Acorn

One of our tools, the FireOak Acorn, was developed in the FireOak Tech Lab using a combination of open source technologies and 3D-printed components. Acorns are heavily used during many of our knowledge management and information security engagements.

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