Communities of Practice

Communities of Practice:
Sharing Knowledge through Communities

Communities of Practice can be used to facilitate internal communities or support a mix of internal and external stakeholders. 

Internally-focused communities are often designed to bring together staff members from different work groups, departments, divisions working together to tackle a challenge or working in common or related areas. 

In externally-focused communities, communities bring together experts and practitioners from organizations around the world or within a particular industry or region to discuss issues, exchange knowledge, work on projects, collaborate, share ideas, or learn from each other. 


Successful communities require careful planning and strategy. What's the purpose of the community? How will it be maintained? Who will be responsible for the community? How will success be measured? 


Developing and launching a community is step one. But after the community has been launched, the work is just beginning. 

Curating Content for Communities

With all of the competition for your community members' time, carefully-selected, easily-discoverable content can be the differentiating feature that keeps people coming back.

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