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Balancing Security and Sharing

For most organizations, it can be a challenge to balance the need to protect and secure data with the need to promote internal knowledge sharing. But it doesn't have to be the case.

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Talking to the Board about Cybersecurity

Based on our experience talking to many organizations’ senior leadership teams and board members, here are five tips for talking to the board or the C-Suite about cybersecurity.

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Analyzing Collection 01 Passwords

In January 2019, a massive database of email addresses and passwords was released on the internet. Read our analysis and tips for improving password hygiene.

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Knowledge Base Analytics

You've rolled out a new knowledge base. But how can you be confident that the knowledge base is meeting users' needs? What data will help drive decisions moving forward?

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Case Studies

ICT4D: Solving the Right Problems

For organizations with staff in multiple locations, adopting tools that allow staff to easily and securely store and share information and data is critically important yet can be a real pain point.
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