Cybersecurity for Higher Education

Cybersecurity Assessments for Higher Education


How well-prepared is your institution to address the constant changes in cybersecurity?  The consumerization of IT places new and powerful technologies directly into the hands of your users — often without the need for any involvement from central IT.  Are your systems — people, processes and technology — up to the task?

The FireOak Strategies Information Security Maturity Assessment (ISMA) evaluates your maturity over six broad categories and provides realistic recommendations to take your program to the next level. We look at more than 200 metrics across six broad areas — including people, processes and technology. The result? An in-depth review of your school’s current Information Security environment, including its strengths and weaknesses, plus a set of meaningful, reasonable, and practical recommendations that, once implemented, will establish a strong foundation for cybersecurity or take your existing program to the next level.

We know the higher education landscape. Contact FireOak Strategies today to get started with our Information Security Maturity Assessment (ISMA).

Information Security for Higher Education



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