Digital Repositories

Digital Asset Management, Digital Repositories, and Metadata

With the increasing amount of digital content produced each day, it is critically important for organizations to have a strategic approach to managing their digital assets. When implemented properly, repositories can support a full range of digital assets -- anything from audio, video, photos, educational resources, data sets, archived websites, computer programs, etc. Unfortunately, many organizations instead take an ad hoc approach to digital asset management, and valuable, unique materials are stored as a single copy on an individual's hard drive. 

At FireOak Strategies, we work with organizations to:

  • Develop and implement a coherent, customized approach to digital asset management based on organizational needs, priorities, resources, internal processes, and existing technical infrastructure
  • Develop and launch a metadata management plan so keywords are consistent from one system to another
  • Develop metadata crosswalks to tie together schemas from multiple systems and allow for data interoperability
  • Develop a unified taxonomy and information architecture to use as the basis for multiple systems and repositories
  • Establish retention schedules and processes for transferring day-to-day production materials into a digital archive
  • Create practical workflows for individuals to store items in a repository with minimal disruption to existing processes
  • Use technology to augment user-generated keywords
  • Prepare for semantic web technology to enhance search and retrieval
  • Review and improve metadata to best support both search and retrieval and browsing functionalities
  • Support interoperability between systems to pass digital content and metadata seamlessly from system to system
  • Provide support for all aspects of digital repository planning, implementation, and training

We work with a range of platforms including Salesforce, SharePoint, Drupal, and others.