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Upcoming KM in Healthcare Presentation at HIMSS 2014

Look for Abby Clobridge at next year’s Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) 2014 conference. Abby and Joe Kimura, MD (Medical Director for Analytics and Reporting Systems, Atrius Health, Boston) will be presenting “Strategic Expansion of Analytics Capacity through Knowledge Management.”

As more resources are invested to support “big data,” it is critical that organizations are able to expand the capacity of analytics teams by harnessing existing knowledge, skills, expertise, and know-how. This session will present a case study of one group’s experiences using knowledge management to improve collaboration across silos.

Further details will be posted in the coming months.

See Knowledge Management And Healthcare Analytics: Presentation from HIMSS14 and HIMSS14 Presentation: Knowledge Management And Collaboration for additional resources.

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