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Information Management is becoming increasingly complex in today’s digital environment. Organizations should work within an overarching information management governance model, built on a strong foundation of clearly-articulated roles and responsibilities, processes, and enabling technology — and be compliant with industry-, national, and industry regulations.

Information Management Strategies for Clients

1Information Governance:

The overarching strategy around how an organization manages the policies, procedures, workflows, related to the information management lifecycle.

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2Intranet Strategies and Implementation:

Developing and deploying strategies for successful Intranets designed to foster collaboration, communication, knowledge sharing, and information management.

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3Organization of Information:

Making information assets more easily usable by improving searchability, browsability, and discoverability of information and metadata.

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4Information Policy Review & Alignment:

Reviewing, assessing, and aligning information and data management policies in light of the continually-changing digital and regulatory environments.

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We’re passionate about using our expertise to help organizations succeed in information management. We help organizations:

  • make informed decisions based on internal data and information
  • monitor new developments and emerging trends
  • collect, analyze, and interpret data
  • turn data into actionable strategies
  • establish sustainable, customized information management programs
  • collect, manage, and preserve organizational information assets
  • develop and launch a common strategy for managing metadata throughout the organization — including taxonomies, user-generated tags, public website architectures, Intranet website architectures


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