Executive Information Security Briefings

Executive Information Security Briefings

Information Security at FireOak StrategiesThe information security landscape changes daily -- if not hourly. Keeping staff, policies, and technology current in this ever-shifting environment is a difficult and labor-intensive task for many organizations who would rather focus their resources on their core mission.  

Our services keep executives aware of and understand the implications of emerging issues in order to make better-informed decisions. We focus on emerging cybersecurity threats, new technology, and evolving regulatory issues related to information security.

How FireOak Strategies can help:

FireOak Strategies’ information security experts work to keep you informed and help interpret what specific issues mean for your organization.

Our experts are available to:

-- Present short, high-level briefings at C-level, leadership team, or Board of Trustee meetings
-- Participate in Q&A dialogues at C-level, leadership team, or Board of Trustee meetings
-- Facilitate monthly one-on-one dialogues with CEOs, CFOs, COOs, or CIOs

Learn more about the FireOak Strategies Information Security Program, how to get started with an Information Security Assessment , or contact us to set up an Executive Information Security Briefing.