Information Security for Higher Education

Information Security for Higher Education

Information Security Education Concerns

The information security landscape in higher education is a mess, and it keeps getting worse. The constant demands for new cloud services and mobile access creates a ripple effect of security concerns. Even institutions fortunate enough to have a dedicated information security officer are in a real crunch. 

How well prepared is your organization to address this landscape? The consumerization of IT places new and powerful technologies directly into the hands of your users, often without the need for any involvement from central IT.

Are your people, processes, and technology up for the challenge? 

Worried about the information security health of your college or university?
If so, it's time for an information security assessment. 

The FireOak Information Security Assessment is specifically designed to examine the landscape for academia. With over 45 years of higher ed experience, we know the higher education space inside and out. We'll review your current environment and recommend practical, action-oriented, vendor-neutral next steps. 

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