Enterprise-Wide Password Management and Multi-Factor Authentication

Enterprise-Wide Password Management and Multi-Factor Authentication

Adoption of an enterprise-wide password management system with multi-factor authentication can make a huge difference in keeping your organization safe at a relatively low cost. 

Once your organization has made the decision to move forward with an enterprise-wide password management system, the FireOak team can help with the rest:

Information Security at FireOak Strategies

 - Assessing the current technical infrastructure to recommend the right tool for your environment
 - Developing an organization-specific strategy and technology plan
 - Planning for technology implementation and deployment
 - Integrating the technology solutions with existing identity management and authentication systems
 - Incorporating multi-factor authentication (MFA)/two-factor authentication into existing authentication systems
 - Deploying technical solutions
 - Knowledge transfer and training
 - Putting in place a long-term, sustainable governance model

FireOak Strategies is not a reseller. We work to find the best fit for your organization among best-of-breed authentication systems including:  

 - LastPass Enterprise
- Google Authenticator
 - Duo Security -- integrated with Web Single Sign-On (SAML2, ADFS, Shibboleth, CAS), Windows Desktop/RDP Sign-On, SSH, RADIUS, LDAP, and more
 - Yubikey 

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