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Building a Strong Foundation for Information Security

CIA Triad - Information Security

Across all industries and sectors, it is more important than ever for organizations to protect data, information, and knowledge against any and all unauthorized access, modification, or destruction. For many organizations in today’s knowledge-based economy, the information and intellectual property they produce is the heart of the organization — so it is imperative that this information is properly protected. Doing so requires establishing overall accountability and oversight for Cybersecurity, clearly-articulated Cybersecurity governance and policies, day-to-day care and feeding of Information Security operations, and a strong technical foundation.

How does your organization’s information security measure up? 

We approach information security from a knowledge management perspective. We aim to ensure that our clients’ information and data is accessible, usable, findable, and discoverable — by the people who need it, when they need it, and how they need to access it. The goal of a good security program is to protect the confidentiality, availability, and integrity of an organization’s data,  while doing so in a way that doesn’t impede an organization’s ability to fulfill its mission or meet the needs of stakeholders.

We help organizations with:

Program Strategy and Development

Conducting current state assessments, SWOT, and gap analyses; devising InfoSec strategies to prioritize and address current/anticipated needs; identifying new areas to move into as InfoSec programs become mature.

Cybersecurity Governance

Addressing the people and processes — policies, roles, responsibilities, expectations, accountabilities, workflows — that at the center of cybersecurity efforts; information security incident response planning; disaster planning tabletop exercises. 

Information Security Operational Deployments and Integrations

Enterprise password management services, deploying multi-factor/two-factor authentication, developing and launching cloud computing strategies, conducting information security reviews for new systems.

Technical Assessments

Conducting vulnerability assessments, penetration testing, and secure enterprise network design and evaluation. 

Cybersecurity Knowledge Transfer

The Cybersecurity landscape changes daily — if not hourly. We offer a range of services to help organizations stay current through executive-level Cybersecurity briefings, security awareness and training programs, IT security bootcamps, and developing information security onboarding materials for new staff.

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