KM Steps

Knowledge Management at FireOak StrategiesKnowledge Management Steps 

Developing and launching a Knowledge Management strategy is an iterative process, beginning with a review and analysis of the current environment.

Phase 01: KM Assessment

We recommend starting with a full-scale assessment of the current KM environment to get a better understanding of what's working, what's not, and why. Other commonly-used planning and analysis tools include knowledge maps and knowledge audits. Read more about KM Assessments.

Phase 02: Strategic Direction

Once we've determined the current state of KM within a department or organization, we determine where we're trying to go -- what is it that we hope to accomplish? Read more about developing a KM strategy.

Phase 03: Knowledge Management Tactics

During this third phase, we set a course of action to get from the current state to the future state. KM tactics often include a mix of new or enhanced practices, processes, and initiatives designed to accomplish the goals and objectives established in the KM Strategy. Read more about KM tactics.

Phase 04: Implementation

Once we've worked out a road map to accomplish our intended goals and objectives, organizations begin the process of implementing tactics. This phase often incorporates a mix of technology-based solutions, ways to enhance organizational culture, and launching a series of consistent, systematically-adopted practices. Implementation often takes 6-12 months.

As part of implementation, we recommend periodic, regularly-scheduled check-ins to track and assess progress and help with any necessary course corrections. Read more about implementation.

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