Knowledge Curation Services

Knowledge Curation Services

Unlock your organization's hidden knowledge

Most organizations today have tons of knowledge that's buried inside of platforms such as Salesforce or SharePoint, locked up in shared drives, or simply filed away on desktops. 

But across all of the organizational knowledge that has been captured in one form or another, it is only useful if it is findable, discoverable, and reusable

If knowledge -- even high-quality knowledge captured in a formal report, slide deck, or an infographic -- can't be easily surfaced, it may as well not exist. 

FireOak's Knowledge Curation Services help address this challenge. We work with organizatoins to uncover their hidden knowledge. We focus on three areas: 

 1. Making knowledge findable
 2. Making knowledge discoverable
 3. Using data to inform future curation efforts

Whether your organization's knowledge management efforts are internally-focused, externally-focused, or a combination of the two, we can help surface hidden knowledge to make it more widely used. 

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