Knowledge Management Strategies

Knowledge Management Strategies

Knowledge Management at FireOak Strategies

Knowledge Management (KM) strategies should articulate the goals and objectives for a KM program -- in other words, what you want to accomplish through a consistent and systematic approach to knowledge management. 

Considerations for KM Strategy Development

We encourage clients to explore the following types of questions during strategy development: 

Where could KM make the most impact within our organization? 

What could we achieve if we were sharing knowledge more consistently and in more systematic ways? 

How could we use knowledge better in order to encourage creativity and spark innovation? 

If we knew what others within the organization were doing, how could it help improve work across silos? 

What knowledge do we need that we don't currently have?

What's the business case for improving our organizational approach to knowledge management? How would this translate into organizational value?  

What would we accomplish if we are able to more easily connect people to the data, information, and knowledge they need to do their work? 

What impact would it make on the organization and on staff if we make knowledge more easily findable? Discoverable? 

What gains might we see if we better bridge the gap between staff in different locations? 

How could we deliver better services to key stakeholders if we knew more about what they needed or how they used our services? 

If only we knew more about ___, could we deliver better services or products? 

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