Open Data

Open Data

Open Data refers to the process of providing access and reuse rights to data sets. 

Several high-profile research funding agencies around the world, as well as various government agencies, have begun passing Open Data policies requiring data produced via research they funded to be publicly, freely, and openly disseminated.

By open, we mean free in terms of cost and access -- in other words, disseminating materials via the internet in such a way that anyone, anywhere can freely use, adopt, and adapt these materials with limited restrictions.

Open Data is one facet of the Open Knowledge environment and complements Open Access to research outputs such as peer-reviewed, scholarly articles, books, or other types of publications.

We work with organizations to:

  • Develop and Implement Open Data Policies: working with research funding agencies, government agencies, local governments, NGOs and non-profit organizations, and private sector R&D organizations to take the first step in open data by developing and implementing open data policies
  • Support Implementation Efforts & Capacity Building: putting policy and ideas into practice; building up Open Access and Open Data repositories; supporting and interoperability for repositories
  • Support Advocacy and Awareness-Raising: campaigns  for policymakers at various levels -- global, regional and national policymakers; organizational awareness campaigns; international policy development; institutional outreach & promotion
  • Maximize the Visibility of Open Data Content: working to ensure that open content is discoverable and findable, both to humans and machines
  • Support Research & Development Initiatives: Research to explore new and emerging areas, gather data, investigate ideas for future development