Open Knowledge

Open Knowledge: Open Access & Open Data

We believe in the potential of information and knowledge to effect change and support global development. A major international trend is this area involves exploring ways in which we can use current and emerging Information & Communication Technology (ICT) to support and promote universal access to knowledge and information. By open, we mean free in terms of cost and free in terms of access -- i.e. creating materials that anyone, anywhere can freely use, adopt, and adapt.

Our strategy for Open Knowledge is to support:

  • Implementation & Capacity Buildingputting policy and ideas into practice; supporting Green and Gold Open Access; building up Open Access and Open Data repositories; supporting and interoperability for Open Access repositories
  • Advocacy and Awareness: campaigns  for policymakers at various levels -- global, regional and national policymakers; organizational awareness campaigns; international policy development; institutional outreach & promotion
  • Research & Development: Research to explore new and emerging areas, gather data, investigate ideas for future development