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Knowledge Management FAQ

Knowledge Management FAQ Here are a few answers to common questions about knowledge management. If your question isn't on this list, let us know.  What is knowledge management? What are some symptoms of a knowledge management problem?What technologies or systems do you recommend for knowledge management?What's the best knowledge management platform?Where should we target our knowledge management efforts? How do we get started with improving our organization's approach to knowledge management? What is...

Is it time to ‘spin down’ some of your virtual machines?

There’s no question, VMs are fantastic. But like anything that is cheap and easy, they have a tendency to persist long past their usefulness. Why invest the time and energy to retire a VM? And yet, keeping VMs alive that are past their usefulness creates information security and knowledge management challenges for organizations.

Job Posting: Part-Time Metadata Specialist (Contractor)

Part-Time Metadata Specialist (Contractor) FireOak Strategies, LLC, a boutique consulting firm specializing in Knowledge Management, Information Management, and Information Security, is looking to add a Metadata Specialist to our network of contractors. The contractor will be responsible for using an in-house style guide to create and edit records in a custom knowledge base. Items for which records will be created include printed documents, videos, visual materials, and other formats. In...

Job Posting: Knowledge Management and Taxonomy Specialist (Contractor)

Knowledge Management and Taxonomy Specialist (Contractor - Telecommuting) Updated: July 27, 2017 FireOak Strategies, LLC, a boutique consulting firm specializing in Knowledge Management, Information Management, and Information Security, is looking for a Knowledge Management (KM) and taxonomy specialist. This person will work closely with other members of the FireOak team to: monitor, enhance, refine, and maintain taxonomies; apply taxonomy terms to content; analyze and report on metrics related to taxonomies...

Balancing Security and Sharing

For most organizations, it can be a challenge to balance the need to protect and secure data with the need to promote internal knowledge sharing. But it doesn't have to be the case.

Multi-Factor Authentication

When implemented properly, multi-factor authentication dramatically strengthens security defenses, making it much more difficult for attackers to use stolen credentials.

Information Security Update: HP Network Printer Vulnerabilities

Information Security Update: New HP Network Printer Vulnerabilities June 17, 2017 Many models of HP networked printers include a flaw which allow an attacker to compromise a printer’s embedded network controller and install a persistent backdoor.  Once infected, such a device can be used to launch attacks inside of your network, including intercepting local LAN traffic, exfiltrating confidential data, or attacking other hosts. This is particularly worrisome, as networked printers...

Developing a Knowledge Management Program

Designing, launching, and establishing a new knowledge management program takes careful planning and execution. Too often, we see organizations fail. Avoid common mistakes.

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