Salesforce Knowledge

Salesforce Knowledge

Buried deep within the vast Salesforce ecosystem is Salesforce Knowledge, a highly customizable and powerful knowledge base that is designed to surface and share knowledge, both to internal, authenticated users and also to external partners or customers.

Unlike other portions of Salesforce, particularly those components related to the CRM, the out-of-the-box knowledge base requires significant and thoughtful planning and design before implementation. This is an intentional aspect of the Salesforce ecosystem, a reflection of how each organization must design a knowledge base that fits its intended purpose, unique taxonomy, field types, and more.

All knowledge bases should be developed around the core principles of discoverability and findability -- i.e., ensuring that people are able to easily find what they’re looking for and can unexpectedly discover other items of interest or related materials.

Since Salesforce Knowledge is such a robust tool, it can be used for a wide variety of purposes. Some examples:

  • By a research organization, NGO, or nonprofit to publish and share new research, articles, white papers, case studies, or other materials
  • Within a Salesforce Community: to capture and share research within a closed community
  • For external purposes: by the membership team from a nonprofit to post information for prospective members
  • For internal purposes: by your IT team to address frequently asked questions
  • For internal purposes: by Human Resources to disseminate materials for new employees
  • For external purposes: by Human Resources to post frequently asked questions (FAQs) for prospective staff

In all cases, designing a knowledge base and the associated taxonomy should reflect a deep understanding of the intended purpose of the knowledge base, its scope and area of focus, the core mission of the organization hosting the knowledge base, and the vocabulary actively used by the target audience, whomever that is -- staff members, practitioners, policymakers, partners, or any other group of stakeholders.  

Let us help you make your organization’s knowledge findable and discoverable.

FireOak Strategies is one of the only consulting firms with deep expertise in Salesforce Knowledge. Our team includes technologists and programmers, certified Salesforce administrators and consultants, and information scientists -- providing clients with a unique combination of insight, expertise, and experience.

Whether you're creating a new knowledge base, migrating content from an existing knowledge base, or looking for new ways to improve your organization's knowledge management capabilities, we're here to help.

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