Salesforce Knowledge

Salesforce Knowledge

Salesforce Knowledge - FireOak StrategiesThere are plenty of knowledge base systems available today, but in many cases, we recommend to our clients that they use the system where staff already spend most of their time rather than developing a knowledge base in a separate system. 

For many clients, this means using Salesforce Knowledge, a powerful yet highly-underutilized part of the Salesforce ecosystem. Salesforce Knowledge is part of the Salesforce Service Cloud. 

The FireOak team is here to help you get started with Salesforce Knowledge. We're one of the only consulting firms with deep expertise in Salesforce Knowledge. Whether you're creating a new knowledge base, migrating content from an existing knowledge base, or looking for new ways to improve your organization's knowledge management capabilities, we're here to help. 

Contact the FireOak Knowledge Management team today. 

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