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From the FireOak Blog

  • FireOak’s Recommended Bitwarden Settings

    Bitwarden is a great password management tool. Following are FireOak’s recommended Bitwarden settings, all of which we strongly recommend enabling for enterprise accounts. If possible, configure these organizational policies and settings before deploying for users.

  • It’s Time to Retire Your File Servers

    While on-premises file servers (i.e., the S:\ drive) may have been the go-to solution in the past for collaboration, they pose several knowledge management and cybersecurity challenges – as well other operational issues – for organizations. It’s time to retire file servers in favor of more modern technologies.

  • SharePoint Online Analytics

    Want to understand how your SharePoint Online (SPO) site is performing? Take a look at these analytics, all of which are part of SharePoint’s native capabilities.

  • Quiet Hiring as a Knowledge Management Strategy

    Adopting quiet hiring as part of a holistic knowledge management strategy is a powerful way to make the most of your organization’s internal knowledge, skills, and expertise.

  • Top Intranet Analytics & Metrics Every Organization Should Track

    What data points should your organization be tracking to monitor the health of the intranet? Following are the top intranet analytics and metrics every organization should track, analyze, and act upon, regardless of what platform your intranet is using.

  • The Hidden Pitfalls of Vendor Lock-In

    Is your organization stuck with a platform because you can’t figure out a reasonable way to get your data out? Be aware of the very real possibilities of vendor lock-in.