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What We’re Reading – January 28, 2019

We keep an eye out and share the most interesting articles, reports, and case studies FireOak topics: managing, sharing, and securing information, data, and knowledge. Here’s some of what we’ve seen and what we’re reading. This week’s read includes articles focused on building knowledge management and data management.

information, data, knowledge management - what we're reading

Building knowledge management (Canadian Lawyer Magazine)

“…a smaller team means you know who or where to get the expertise you need. The idea is that you can knock on your neighbour’s door to grab that precedent to use as a starting point in your case or deal. This works perfectly for the one in need, but it is rubbish for the expert on that topic who may field a barrage of interruptions throughout their working week. It is also highly inefficient for the organization, particularly as a way of learning for new or lateral hires, to have experts repeat the same piece of advice. This informal method of sharing knowledge also contains an element of risk; of not knowing what you don’t know and not realizing that there’s something more recent or relevant out there.

Read more: Canadian Lawyer Magazine, Kate Simpson – Jan. 21, 2019

Data Management Expert Guide (Consortium of European Social Science Data Archives)

“This guide is designed by European experts to help social science researchers make their research data Findable, Accessible, Inteorperable, and Reusable (FAIR).”

The guide includes several sections, including ones on how to store and protect research data.

Read more: Data Management Expert Guide

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