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For most of our knowledge management and information security clients, their priority is to make the most of their existing tech stack, something we strongly support. In so many cases, clients aren’t using the full set of knowledge management, collaboration, and security capabilities in place in their existing enterprise platforms. 

In these cases, moving to a new platform won’t address the challenges in place, so we focus on enhancing the existing environment rather than looking for a new platform that will magically solve problems that aren’t technology-related. 

As a result, we invest in keeping up with current technologies, tools, and platforms. We feel that it is our responsibility to be able to enhance how an organization manages, protects, secures, and shares its organizational information, data, and knowledge -- regardless of which platforms are in place. 

Our team includes experts in all of today’s major enterprise platforms -- Office 365, Amazon Web Services, Salesforce, and Google apps. Several members of our consulting team hold Salesforce, AWS, and Microsoft certifications, among others. 

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