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Data Privacy Day 2017

When most people think about data protection, their first thought — maybe even second, third and fourth thoughts — is about financial information, and that is an important place to start. But really think about how much data your business, you, your family, and the organizations you trust with your information, keep online these days. Do you shop online? Do you wear a fitness tracker or have a fitness app on your phone? Do your kids play online games or have toys that connect to the Internet? All of that data can be as valuable as your bank information.

For more than 25 years, January 28 has been known as Data Privacy Day or Data Protection Day. The theme for 2017 is Respecting Privacy, Safeguarding Data and Enabling Trust. According to the National Cyber Security Alliance, the day commemorates the 1981 signing of Convention 108, the first legally binding international treaty dealing with privacy and data protection.

A lot has happened in the quarter of a century since that treaty was signed.  Even for those of us who work in Information and Cyber Security every day, it can be difficult to keep up to date.

It is no different for businesses and organizations across all sectors. For each and every client FireOak Strategies works with, a single security threat risks their intellectual property, financial security, and, equally as important, their reputation. If a breach is serious enough, it could be fatal to the organization. Very few people will continue to support an organization that failed to protect their data.

We hope you think about protecting yourself everyday, but with Data Privacy Day or Data Protection Day events happening this week there are many a great opportunities to make sure you are really secure. On the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA) blog you can find a few ways to get involved.

Don’t let your organization be an easy target. Contact FireOak Strategies so we can assess your organization’s security health and prescribe a treatment plan that will help you meet your goals.

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