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We help organizations make the most of their information, data, and knowledge

FireOak Strategies is a boutique Knowledge Management, Information Management, Information Security consulting firm.

FireOak Strategies, LLC

Knowledge Management in 2024

The field of Knowledge Management (KM) continues to evolve at an unprecedented pace. This year, we’re witnessing transformative trends in KM that are not just reshaping how organizations capture, manage, share, secure, and utilize knowledge, but are also redefining the very fabric of organizational learning and collaboration. 

Make your organization’s knowledge findable, discoverable, shareable, and secure

We connect people to information and knowledge, making it easier to find, discover, and reuse knowledge in secure ways. FireOak Strategies is a certified Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE) and Woman-Owned Small Business (WOSB).

What is knowledge management?

Knowledge management is the way in which an organization creates, captures, secures, describes, shares, and re-uses information and knowledge.

What’s the best platform for knowledge management?

It depends on your organization, its unique characteristics, its existing platform stack, and how staff interact with information.

What’s the role of security in knowledge management?

Good security practices should be designed to protect and safeguard organizational knowledge. Technical controls, information governance, and an organization’s risk management appetite all play an important role.

From the FireOak Blog

News and insights from the FireOak team about managing, securing, and sharing knowledge

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Content ideas for your organization’s intranet for the month of July — Disability Pride Month, International Day of Friendship, and more.

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Knowledge capture and knowledge transfer
Knowledge Management
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Knowledge Capture and Knowledge Transfer

Two key concepts in knowledge management — knowledge capture and knowledge transfer — are often used interchangeably. Understanding the differences and similarities between the two can significantly enhance the effectiveness of KM practices within an organization.

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