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Case Studies

We help our clients manage, share, and secure their organizational knowledge.

Client Success Stories

At FireOak Strategies, we solve all kinds of business problems related to managing, securing, and sharing organizational information, data, and knowledge. We work closely with our clients to make sure we’re solving the right problems and develop practical, sustainable, and scalable solutions. Because our clients are located around the world, our expertise, experiences, and case studies have global applications.

We understand today’s real-world challenges related to organizational culture, change management, technology, processes, and diversity, and how these are all closely-connected to organizational approaches to knowledge management, information security, and information/data management. Yet developing solutions and recommendations that are in alignment with each organization’s mission, values, technology, and capabilities is where our team really shines. We want to ensure our clients have the tools and knowledge they need to move forward with their goals.

Tales from the Field

Here are a few case studies to help tell our story. From helping organizations protect their information and data to breaking down internal silos through improved collaboration and knowledge sharing, our years of experience and technical expertise have helped clients around the world and across sectors and industries.

ICT4D: Solving the Right Problems

For organizations with staff in multiple locations, adopting tools that allow staff to easily and securely store and share information and data is critically important yet can be a real pain point.

Using Office 365 to Support Knowledge Management

A large organization developed their own in-house platform to support their operations. The platform itself worked well, but managing information and knowledge about the platform was a challenge.

Enhancing organizational knowledge sharing & information security

A growing non-profit organization was worried that their knowledge management practices were slowing them down from achieving their mission and goals as effectively as possible.

Developing a 3-year cybersecurity implementation plan

This international non-profit organization wanted to strengthen their approach to cybersecurity. To accelerate the process, the FireOak team started by conducted a multi-pronged assessment to get a comprehensive view of the current situation.

About our clients

FireOak Strategies serves all types of clients, but we specialize in working with nonprofits, private sector companies, international organizations, and higher education.

What our clients are saying:

FireOak’s implementation roadmap was so actionable! It was easy for us to use the roadmap to drive our strategic plan, project plans, and task assignments.


Nonprofit client (International)

We loved having a dedicated team from FireOak who made sure that they understood our organization.


Nonprofit client (U.S.)

Your report was so great — really thorough! But the best part was the checklist so we knew what to do and in what order.


Nonprofit client (U.S.)

You are amazing! THANK YOU!


Private sector client (International)

The FireOak team was always helpful and positive. I greatly enjoyed working with them!


Government agency (U.S.)

The FireOak team became a true partner in our work together. They weren’t just “consulting” with us, but they were dedicated to helping us achieve our results.


Nonprofit client (U.S.)

It’s been extremely helpful having a trusted partner that we can call when things go sideways. We really appreciate knowing that we can use them for a second opinion or for a gut check.


Nonprofit client (International)

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