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Intranet Content for March

FireOak’s favorite topics for intranet content for March. Adapt these ideas for your organization!
Kelly Knight

Kelly Knight

Intranet Content for March

Intranet Content for March 2024

Welcome to March! Spring is in the air – – literally, with the vernal equinox falling on March 20. The hustle of the holidays and the start of the new year are behind us, making this season of renewal and rebirth the perfect time to take a fresh look at your intranet and consider ways to update your intranet pages and content. 

Jump to some of our March-specific ideas, or read on for more general ways to update your intranet. 

Ready to get started? 

A great place to start is to revisit the objectives of your intranet and make sure it’s doing what your organization needs it to do. Is it a community “plaza” where employees come to learn about the company and meet other employees? Is it a one-stop shop for reliable and trusted content critical to their jobs? Being clear on your intranet’s purpose will guide your refresh.

If you have access to data and analytics that tell you which pages have been most visited over the last year or those that have received the highest ratings (if you allow your pages to be rated), drill into that and think about how you might be able to develop similar engaging content this year.

No data easily available? No worries. You can take a more interactive approach and ask your employees what they like, what they don’t, and suggestions for making your intranet a place they’d come even more regularly than they already do. Plus employees love to be asked for their thoughts and by listening to them, you show them that you appreciate their input. And what do you know? National Employee Appreciation Day is March 1! 

March Intranet Content Ideas:

As you’re thinking about how to refresh your intranet, consider FireOak’s favorite ideas for intranet content for March 2024. Happy spring! 

March: Women's History Month

Women contribute to the world in millions of ways everyday – – just like they do to your company! Celebrate them!  Once you start thinking of the women who have and are contributing to the company, you might find it difficult to limit your celebration to just one month. 

  • Highlight awesome women role models whose leadership and contributions have made the company a success. 
  • But don’t stop there. Spotlight female employees who are leaders in your community or who successfully juggle caregiving with careers? 
  • Interview the women who sit on your board of directors
  • There are also undoubtedly women who outside your organization who have blazed a trail in your industry.  

March 1: National Employee Appreciation Day

You have awesome employees and today is a great opportunity to highlight them! 

  • Put a spotlight on the superstars on your team – – as well as those unsung heroes who always come through but might not be as well known.
  • Ask employees to nominate their peers and share why they’re appreciated
  • Share stories about your employees and how they contribute to your business. Also be sure to include some personal info – – hobbies, family, favorite food – – to let others get to know them better. 
  • You can spotlight team members in a carousel-style post and let everyone know who they are and what makes them so amazing. 
  • A day is nice . . . but a week would be great! Consider having Employee Appreciation Week!
  • If you have comments enabled on your pages, you’ll be amazed at how quickly the love piles on.  

March 5: Organize Your Home Office Day

With most employees still working from home, at least a few days a week, take the opportunity to provide tips on how best to optimize their personal workspace: 

  • Ensure the space has adequate lighting. This helps not just with performing tasks, but allows employees to shine during those frequent Zoom meetings
  • Make sure there is a comfortable, ergonomic chair for maximum comfort and to avoid pain and stressful tension
  • Consider adding comforting touches, like soothing background music, favorite pics . . . and a door that closes 😊
  • Bonus points for including links to ergonomic training, equipment request forms and WFH Q&A.

March 23: National Puppy Day

Chances are pretty good that your company employs a dog lover or 2 . . . or thousands! This is an opportunity to not just show cute puppy pics, but to also highlight the employee/guardian. This brings on massive warm feels that come from seeing cute puppy pics and seeing colleagues in a new light. Cue the “awwww” . . . 😊  

  • Invite employees to share pics (or videos of doggy antics!) and stories about their fur babies. 
  • Are there employees who volunteer at animal shelters? Spotlight them and have them talk about the benefits of adopting a new family member. 

Other Ideas

Other ideas to potentially incorporate into your intranet content for March 2024:  

Looking for more ways to enhance your intranet, freshen up an intranet, or build a new intranet? Check out other articles in FireOak’s intranet blog post series and stay tuned for our April Intranet Content post in this series.

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