Knowledge Management & Healthcare Analytics: Presentation from HIMSS14

At the 2014 HIMSS conference, Dr. Joe Kimura (Atrius Health) and Abby Clobridge (FireOak Strategies, previously Clobridge Consulting) presented: 

Strategic Expansion of Analytics Capacity through Knowledge Management and Collaboration

Session Description: 

As more resources are invested to support "big data," it is critical that organizations are able to expand the capacity of analytics teams by harnessing existing knowledge, skills, expertise, and know-how. This session will present a case study of one group's experiences using knowledge management to improve collaboration across silos. 

Download the PDF:

Knowledge Management can provide a framework for your organization to:

- Reduce duplication of efforts
- Improve collaboration across silos
- Diffuse knowledge of best practices throughout the organization
- Identify gaps in knowledge, expertise, and know-how
- Understand how knowledge is reused, applied, adapted
- Cut down on "reinventing the wheel"
- Bring new staff members up to speed faster
- Use KM to help achieve the "Triple Aim" of improved patient care, improved health of populations, and reduced cost of healthcare