Levels of Knowledge Management

Levels of Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management at FireOak StrategiesFor an organizational Knowledge Management (KM) strategy to be most effective, it should hit various levels: 

     - Personal or individual
     - Department, project, or team
     - Organization-wide
     - Inter-organization

Efforts can occur at any or some combination of these levels, but in most organizations, particularly large, complex organizations, it is important to consider all four. 

The following table provides an overview of what KM can look like at each level and some questions to consider. 


What KM Looks Like

Questions to Consider

Personal KM

Individuals manage their own "information overload;" personal knowledge curation is in effect; personal reflective learning

How can I improve my workflows? Where can I improve? How can I use technology to better manage push/pull of knowledge?

Department, Project, Team KM

The ways in which  groups create, collect, secure, share, and reuse the data, information, and knowledge they produce and that for which they are responsible

Is the group disseminating these materials in the most effective manner? Is there a balance between push and pull knowledge sharing? Are the systems being used conducive for group turnover? 

Organization-wide KM

A strategy or approach that is coordinated across departments, usually a top-down effort

Does senior management support the organization's KM efforts? Do employees have the necessary motivation to support or engage in KM efforts? Are activities or efforts consistent across departments?

Inter-Organization KM

Extending the KM strategy to address connected or affiliated individuals -- partners, members, vendors, customers, clients, Board members, stockholders, etc. 

Are those outside of the organization able to exchange knowledge with members of the organization in the most effective, efficient manner? 

Depending upon an organization's strategy -- specifically, the goals and objectives for knowledge management -- different tactics should be used to implement KM in a meaningful way. The set of tactics will depend on which level(s) of KM are being targeted as part of the overarching strategy.