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Tag: Best Practices

  • Is it time for your annual cloud platform check-up? 

    Is it time for your annual cloud platform check-up? 

    It’s incredibly easy for organizations to accumulate a ton of new cloud platforms. FireOak recommends conducting a cloud platform check-up on a regular basis — at a minimum, once a year. 

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  • Talking to your Board about Cybersecurity

    Talking to your Board about Cybersecurity

    FireOak’s tips for talking to your board and organizational leadership team about cybersecurity!

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  • Designing a Community of Practice

    Communities of practice (CoPs) are often deployed by organizations as an effective way to bring together people working in a common or cross-cutting area.

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  • Knowledge Base Analytics

    Imagine this scenario.  You and your team put in the sweat, from research to implementation, and you have rolled out a shiny new knowledge base to your users.  Better yet, it’s being used!

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  • Is it time to ‘spin down’ some of your virtual machines?

    There’s no question, VMs are fantastic. But like anything that is cheap and easy, they have a tendency to persist long past their usefulness. Why invest the time and energy to retire a VM?

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  • Multi-Factor Authentication

    When implemented properly, multi-factor authentication dramatically strengthens security defenses, making it much more difficult for attackers to use stolen credentials.

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  • Data Loss Prevention Best Practices

    FireOak’s recommended practices for data loss prevention.

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  • Data Loss Prevention and Internal Scanning

    Within many organizations, most confidential data is stored in an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system such as Salesforce, WorkDay, or SAP. Since these systems have solid technical and security controls built-in, executives often have a false sense of security, and they trust that their digital assets, confidential data, and intellectual property are all properly protected.

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  • Ten Minute Knowledge Sharing

    This 10-minute knowledge sharing exercise can be a simple, fast, and effective way to get started with knowledge management, without draining resources.

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