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UCL Short Course Wrap-Up

Materials from the UCL Short Course: Introduction to Open Access and Open Data.
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Abby Clobridge

Abby Clobridge is the founder of FireOak Strategies. She works with clients around the world to enhance how organizations manage, secure, and share their knowledge. You can reach Abby at [email protected].

During March 2015, I worked with a group of librarians, information science professionals, and library/information studies graduate students at UCL Qatar where I led a 5-day course, Introduction to Open Access and Open Knowledge.

Course Overview:

In recent years, Open Access has been steadily gaining steam as a viable option for disseminating knowledge. This course will provide a hands-on introduction to Open Access and other types of open knowledge within the context of cultural heritage institutions — libraries, archives, and museums. By open knowledge, we are referring to content that is free to access and re-use, disseminated via the internet in standards-compliant repositories and using structured metadata. While our focus will be on Open Access to research, we will briefly introduce other types of open content such as open data. The course will include hands-on activities and exercises designed to give participants a feel for the types of issues professionals who work with open knowledge face on a daily basis.

Thanks again to the great group of participants for all of the lively discussions, and special thanks to the fantastic team at UCL Qatar and their Library Science program for hosting the short course and making it possible!

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