Information and Knowledge Management Strategies

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At FireOak Strategies, we specialize in working with organizations to support their information and knowledge management needs — across all dimensions of the knowledge lifecycle. Each organization has different needs.

We help new and established organizations work more effectively, improve internal communication, develop strategies to support changing information needs, and position themselves for the future.


More about Knowledge Management


Knowledge Management: ways to systematically capture, describe, organize, & share knowledge



KM strives to make knowledge useful, usable, adaptable, and re-useable; KM is designed to ensure knowledge — both in people’s heads and in the form of tangible assets – is used to its fullest potential within an organization.


Knowledge Management is about helping organizations ensure that they can best take advantage of its internal expertise, skills, and know-how. It includes helping organizations respond to the challenge, “we don’t even know what we know” – a common issue as organizations become more complex and work becomes distributed across locations and silos.


It’s about supporting the flow of knowledge across boundaries and silos in order to foster creativity, spark innovation, and enable the development of new knowledge. 

Get Started with Knowledge Management: The KM Primer
Get Started with Knowledge Management: The KM Primer




Knowledge Management
Helping organizations make the most of their internal knowledge, skills, and expertise; breaking down barriers in knowledge flow



Information Management
Using best practices and current technology to enhance information management techniques to promote finding, browsing, accessing, and discovering information


Open Access
Making research and scholarship free to access and free to re-use