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FireOak's Approach for Working with Clients


Ready to help your organization elevate its approach to creating, collecting, securing, and sharing knowledge? Here's what we'll do together.


Step 1: Discover

We start with discovery -- uncovering what works well and what can be enhanced, improved, or strengthened. We’ll talk to staff, look at systems and their configurations, and assess the current state of the knowledge, information, and data management environments.

Where are we now? What's working? What's not?

The discovery process is designed to diagnose symptoms, socialize new concepts and ideas, and begin to generate buy-in and enthusiasm among staff for what we’ll ultimately accomplish at the end of this process.

Discovery is an essential step, even if you think you know what the problems are. We need to make sure we’re solving the right problems and that we have a shared understanding of what those problems are before we begin to design solutions.

Step 2: Design

After discovery, we plan for the future, laying out what we want the environment to look like in the near-term and future, taking into consideration organizational needs, budgets, capabilities, and priorities.

Where do we want to go? How do we get there?

We’ll work together to design a strategy that defines where we want to go and then determine a set of tactical measures that will make up the components of an implementation roadmap.

We’ll focus on knowledge, information, and data management holistically; the tactics we recommend will address organizational culture, processes, governance, and technology in alignment with the overarching strategy. We’ll condense this work into a playbook which will guide the implementation process through a series of realistic, actionable, and organization-specific next steps.

Step 3: Implement

Depending on your needs, we can serve as a coach and thought partner, fully manage the technical and operational implementation, or anything in between -- it's up to you. We’ll work with you to figure out what’s right for your organization.

Step 4: Iterate

Once implementation is underway, we'll support your organization to course correct, iterate, and make changes along the way to ensure that the tactical work being performed is in alignment with the strategy.

Continuous improvement based on data and lessons learned.

Culture change is slow, so it can take time for big initiatives to take effect. We're here to serve as a sounding board, answer questions, and provide periodic reviews as you move the needle forward.


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