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What is Enterprise Knowledge Management?


When we refer to “enterprise knowledge management,” we’re referring to the ways in which an organization as a whole manages its internal knowledge and information -- whether that knowledge is stored in people’s heads or captured in knowledge assets.

Enterprise knowledge management includes the organization-wide processes, procedures, practices, and systems for managing, securing, and transmitting information and knowledge. Often, processes and/or platforms for managing knowledge are adopted by departments or teams in silos within an organization. But with enterprise knowledge management, our focus is on transitioning from ad hoc, uncoordinated, or siloed processes and platforms to a more cohesive, organization-wide approach.

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Moving from an ad hoc approach to knowledge management to an enterprise approach is a journey and takes time, process improvements, and change management.

We recommend starting with a discovery process to surface what’s working well, what’s not, and identify the root causes of current pain points.

Often, organizations come to us looking for a new knowledge management system, but what’s truly needed is an overhaul of internal processes and governance. Existing platforms might need some fine-tuning or properly-deployed system integrations. But in many cases, the platforms in place aren’t the problem in themselves, which we learn during a current state assessment.

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Our expertise spans all aspects of information management and information science -- everything from information technology and cybersecurity to metadata management, data and information governance, and library science. Our strength is in our ability to diagnose and solve real business problems. We listen carefully and collaborate closely with our clients to recommend approaches, technologies, processes, and tools that are the right fit for your organization. 

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About the FireOak Team

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FireOak Strategies has been named “Knowledge Management Company of the Year” for 2019 by CIOReview for knowledge management consulting companies/services.

CIOReview Company of the Year 2019
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