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Working with International Organizations and NGOs

International Organizations

Many of our international clients share several common traits:

  • Mission-driven organizations
  • Headquarters and many other smaller regional and/or country offices elsewhere
  • Working in the field or other locations with limited internet access
  • Many specialists who are experts in their fields, but not necessarily comfortable with technology
  • Laptops are taken into hostile computing networks (airports, hotels, conference centers, coffee shops) on a regular basis
  • Technology deployments can be difficult since staff members work in locations all over the world, in different time zones, and, in many cases, without local IT support
  • Senior leaders are concerns about “knowledge walking out the door” when staff leave
  • Many of these organizations create, collect, analyze, and synthesize tremendous amounts of data

We partner with nonprofits to fine-tune their processes, policies, procedures, and technologies in ways that are cost-effective, practical, and balance security and sharing.


Open Access & Open Data

Many of the international organizations we work with receive grants from funding agencies such as the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, USAID, the European Commission, Wellcome Trust, DFID, and others who require that the outputs of their funded research are made accessible, available, and re-usable. As funders’ expectations evolve, organizations must adjust accordingly. We partner with organizations to help them manage, secure, and share their research outputs and do so in ways that are practical, realistic, and cost-effective.

Consulting Engagements with International Organizations and NGOs

A few examples of our work with international organizations and how we help enhance their approaches to managing, securing, and sharing information, data, and knowledge:

Food Policy Institute

Cybersecurity Assessment & Implementation Plan

  • Conducted a hands-on technical assessment on-site at headquarters
  • Sent FireOak Acorn devices to offices throughout Asia and Africa to use to conduct remote vulnerability assessments
  • Translated technical findings for C-level executives and the organization’s senior management team
  • Developed a three-year cybersecurity implementation plan to address high-priority findings as determined by the organization’s risk assessment
  • Read the full case study...
Agricultural Institute

Using Office 365 for Knowledge Management

  • Developed a strategy for fostering internal knowledge sharing throughout the organization’s global offices
  • Facilitated conversations to solicit input from staff at all levels of the organization
  • Developed an implementation plan for the future, included new ways to use Office 365 to deploy a modern, collaborative intranet
Environmental Institute

Combined Knowledge Management & Information Security Assessment

  • Conducted a holistic information & knowledge management assessment, focusing on how the organization manages, secures, and shares its internal knowledge, information, and data
  • Included a deep dive into Salesforce and digital forensics into a compromised platform
  • Partnered with C-level executives and the communications team to address communications, change management, and planning
Food Security Institute

Research Data Management Assessment

  • Examined and evaluated processes, policies, and tools used to capture, manage, secure, and transmit research data
  • Reviewed current policies and processes for making research outputs openly accessible
  • Developed a new governance structure for research data management oversight
  • Updated and expanded open access/open data policies to align with funders’ expectations
Agricultural Institute

Open Access, Open Data, & FAIR Evaluation

  • Evaluated current policies for research data management, open access, open data and how these policies are put into practice
  • Conducted an assessment of the organization’s existing repositories for compliance with open access policies and the FAIR principles
  • Reviewed sample metadata records, datasets, and publications for compliance with open access and open data policies and adherence to the FAIR principles
  • Recommended revisions to existing policies and research data management governance

Services for International Organizations & NGOs

international services
international services

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FireOak Strategies partners with all types of organizations, but our specialties are working with nonprofits, private sector companies, and international organizations. We’ve worked with clients all over the world and focused on areas as varied as healthcare, pharmaceuticals, insurance, travel, agriculture, education, humanitarian aid, and manufacturing.

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