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Who We Serve: International Organizations

We help our clients manage, share, and secure their organizational knowledge.

FireOak clients around the world

Working with Nonprofit Organizations

International development, humanitarian aid, global sustainability

Our international clients are particularly concerned with being as effective and efficient as possible so they can focus on accomplishing their mission and achieving their goals.

Common traits among our nonprofit clients:

  • Mission-driven organizations
  • Headquarters and many other smaller regional and/or country offices elsewhere
  • Working in the field or other locations with limited internet access
  • Many specialists who are experts in their fields, but not necessarily comfortable with technology
  • Laptops are taken into hostile computing networks (airports, hotels, conference centers, coffee shops) on a regular basis
  • Technology deployments can be difficult since staff members work in locations all over the world, in different time zones, and, in many cases, without local IT support
  • Senior leaders are concerns about “knowledge walking out the door” when staff leave
  • Many of these organizations create, collect, analyze, and synthesize tremendous amounts of data

We partner with nonprofits to fine-tune their processes, policies, procedures, and technologies in ways that are cost-effective, practical, and balance security and sharing.

International Case Studies

These client stories represent just a few examples of our work since 2010 to illustrate and showcase some of the typical work the FireOak team conducts for international NGOs and nonprofits.

FireOak clients around the world

Environmental Sustainability — HQ in California, with offices in Asia, Africa, Latin America

We helped this global non-profit organization by conducting a combined knowledge management and information security assessment, including deep dives into their Microsoft 365 & Salesforce platforms. Then we developed an implementation roadmap for the future. Throughout the process, we provided support to the COO to help reset the internal IT team and develop an organization-wide approach to knowledge management.

Fisheries, Aquaculture, and Environmental Sustainability — HQ in Asia, with offices in Africa & Asia

We examined and evaluated processes, policies, and tools used to capture, manage, secure, and share research data. Our team reviewed internal and external policies for making publications and research data openly accessible. We developed a new governance structure for research data management and oversight, and we worked with senior leaders to update and expand open access/open data policies to align with funders’ expectations.

Agriculture, Food Security, and Environmental Sustainability — HQ in Latin America, with offices in Asia, Africa, and Latin America

The FireOak team worked closely with an internal team to develop a strategy for fostering internal knowledge sharing across the organization’s global offices. We facilitated conversations with staff around the world to solicit their input. The end result: an implementation plan for the future, including new ways to use Microsoft 365 to deploy a modern, collaborative intranet.

Agriculture, Food Security, and Environmental Sustainability — HQ in Africa, with offices in Africa, Asia, and Latin America

For this client, we evaluated current policies for research data management, open access, and open data, and how these policies were put into practice by staff. We conducted an assessment of the organization’s existing repositories and their contents (metadata, datasets, publications) for compliance with open access/open data policies. Our recommendations led to updated policies, governance, and processes.

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FireOak Strategies serves all types of clients, but we specialize in working with nonprofits, private sector companies, international organizations, and higher education.

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