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We work with clients across all sectors, but our speciality is working with international organizations, nonprofits, NGOs, humanitarian groups, and philanthropic organizations. Some recent projects:  

Strategy Development: Knowledge Management & Information Security. Developing strategies and implementation plans for managing, securing, and sharing organizational information, data, and knowledge is one of our hallmarks. In order to develop a strategy, we always start with a discovery process to evaluate what works compared with what doesn’t in the current environment. So we take a look at formal and ad hoc processes, practices, policies, and procedures. Once we understand strengths and pain points, we're able to develop a knowledge management and information security strategy and an implementation roadmap designed to align these practices with an organization's mission, structure, culture, security needs, technology stack, in-house expertise, budget, and more.  Read about one organization’s experience… 

Open Access and Open Data -- Strategy & Implementation. An international research institute reached out to the FireOak team to lead the way for them to develop and build an open access/open data program. We led the process to develop a strategy that aligned with their overarching research and development strategy, funding and operational constraints, donors’ open access/open data policies, and current/emerging best practices in this space. As a result of our work together, this organization has gone from being behind the curve to being a leader among their peers. 

Knowledge Base Development and Curation Services. An international philanthropy hired the FireOak team to develop and manage a knowledge base of relevant research, theory, best practices, white papers, and recent success stories related to their area of focus. The knowledge base was a focal point of an online community. After the launch of the community, our team continued to serve as curators to engage with community members and grow the knowledge base in response to community members’ input, interests, and contributions. 

Cybersecurity Roadmap Development. An international nonprofit with multiple locations reached out to FireOak to develop a practical, budget-conscious 3-year cybersecurity implementation roadmap. To achieve this outcome, we started with an intense vulnerability assessment to evaluate the security of current systems and networks, security operations, policies, and configurations for headquarters and several overseas offices. We evaluated the organization’s overall information security health, then recommended prioritized ways in which they could strengthen its approach to cybersecurity based on their unique mission, structure, in-house resources, technology stack, budget, culture, and more. Read about one organization's experience...