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Whether your organization is just beginning to develop an information security program or if you have a mature program that you’re looking to enhance, an information security assessment from the FireOak team can help your organization develop, supercharge, or fine-tune your program.

information security assessments

Traditional vulnerability assessments provide clients with a long list of potential vulnerabilities but don’t typically include illustrative examples of how these vulnerabilities can be combined by an attacker to allow access to an organization's confidential information, data, and systems. 

On the other hand, traditional penetration tests will provide this level of detail, but only document the vulnerabilities exploited during the engagement, ignoring many other potential gaps, weaknesses, and vulnerabilities within an organization’s governance, controls, and security operations. Penetration tests can be valuable, but only when an organization has already identified and addressed all known vulnerabilities. 

FireOak information security assessments combine the best of traditional vulnerability assessments and elements of penetration tests and take a holistic look at an organization’s security posture. These assessments are tailored to fit the needs of every organization, but typically include a thorough hands-on technical assessment of your on-prem and cloud environments, in-person interviews with key stakeholders, and a review of the current information/data governance framework.

From a technical perspective, these assessments include details on all of the vulnerabilities present in a network, along with clear examples of how these vulnerabilities can be exploited in the current environment. IT staff and technical leaders appreciate the comprehensive detail included in vulnerability findings, while business leaders welcome the clear examples of how systems can be exploited and the associated risks that these vulnerabilities pose to their organization. 

We use the FireOak Acorn in all of our information security assessments. We’ll work with your IT staff to install Acorns across your organization’s global on-prem environment. Acorn devices are small, easy to transport, making them ideal for remote and overseas deployments. We recommend installing Acorn devices in all locations where organizational information and data are present and need to be protected. Using these devices allows us comprehensive visibility into an organization’s entire network without the high costs and time that can be associated with extensive travel. 

Results of the assessment include action-oriented recommended next steps, exhaustive technical findings, an executive summary, and knowledge transfer/Q&A with your organization's executives.

Contact us for more details or to request a proposal to get started with an information security assessment today.