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Protect your organization's information, data, and knowledge

Information security has become extremely complex. The technical environment (on-prem and cloud), regulatory environment, contractual obligations, and expectations of staff are all in a constant state of change. Long-standing approaches to security are no longer effective. Organizations’ perimeters are disappearing into the cloud, and the concept of a trusted network is increasingly difficult to maintain. Technical controls, while a critically important aspect, are only part of the equation. Information security today is everyone’s responsibility, not just the responsibility of your organization’s IT staff.

What We Do

At FireOak Strategies, we’re a full-service information security consulting firm. We work with all types of organizations to develop, test, or refine cybersecurity strategies, policies, tactics, and operations based on an organization’s unique characteristics, mission, culture, technology stack, infrastructure, in-house expertise, and budget.

Whether you are looking for help to kick start your organization’s InfoSec journey or are looking for an independent expert audit of your organization’s information security program, FireOak can help.

Our solutions include:

Get Started with an Information Security Assessment

Technical Expertise

Our team includes experts in all of today’s common enterprise platforms. We’re technology agnostic and work with organizations to make the most of their existing hardware, software, security devices, and platforms.

Our technical expertise

Information Security Case Studies

Developing a 3-Year Cybersecurity Implementation Plan

This international non-profit organization wanted to strengthen its approach to cybersecurity and how they protected their information and data. To accelerate the process, the FireOak team started by conducted a multi-pronged information security assessment, including a mix of hands-on technical assessments, focus groups, tabletop exercises, document reviews, and data analysis.

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Strategy Development: Knowledge Management & Information Security

While many of the symptoms of information and knowledge management challenges manifest themselves in similar ways, the root causes are different for each organization. Organizational culture, staff members’ roles and responsibilities, internal processes, technology tools and infrastructure, and information/data governance all impact how organizations can manage, secure, and share its information, data, and knowledge.

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