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Information Security

Information security has become extremely complex. The technical environment (on-premises and in the cloud), regulatory environment, contractual obligations, and expectations of staff are all in a constant state of change.

Long-standing approaches to security are no longer effective. Organizations’ perimeters are disappearing into the cloud, and the concept of a trusted network is increasingly difficult to maintain. Technical controls, while a critically important aspect, are only part of the equation. Information security today is everyone’s responsibility, not just the responsibility of your organization’s IT staff.

FireOak's Information Security Consulting Services

At FireOak Strategies, we’re a full-service information security consulting firm. We work with all types of organizations to develop, test, or refine cybersecurity strategies, policies, tactics, and operations based on an organization’s unique characteristics, mission, culture, technology stack, infrastructure, in-house expertise, and budget.


Fractional CISO

Get the support of the FireOak team of experts to guide your organization’s information security program, approach, strategy, and operations.


InfoSec Strategy & Program Development

We can work together to develop a formal information security program, policies, approach in a proactive way, based on your organization’s mission, risk appetite, and other unique characteristics. We’ll develop a strategy and program that is fit for purpose, sustainable, and scalable. 


InfoSec Governance

Is it time for a review of your existing information and data governance model, policies, procedures, and guidelines? Does your existing framework align with current business needs, today’s tech stack, and your existing staffing model? We can take a fresh look at your policies, procedures, and documentation to identify and address gaps and inconsistencies.


Cybersecurity Training & Awareness Programs

FireOak has developed custom security training and awareness programs for clients. We’ll develop a bespoke program for your organization based on industry, tech stack, business goals, and more. 


Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Planning

We’ll take a look at your Business Continuity  & Disaster Recovery (BCDR) plans to review them, update existing plans, and/or develop a plan from scratch. In any case, our goal is to align your BCDR planning efforts with your current business goals, mission, and priorities.


Cloud Platform Security Assessments

Our team has conducted many information security assessments for a wide range of cloud platforms including Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Salesforce, Box, ClickUp, and many more. Our security reviews also cover WordPress websites and other commonly-used content management platforms.  

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Getting Started

Where do I start?

Whether you’re looking for help to kick-start your organization’s information security journey or are looking for an independent expert to review your existing security program, FireOak can help.

Contact us to discuss your top information security concerns, challenges, and priorities, and we’ll design an engagement specifically for your organization.