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Information Technology

Our technology consulting services are focused on helping organizations manage, secure, and share their internal information, data, and knowledge. At FireOak, we approach information technology from a knowledge management perspective — in other words, we believe the role of technology should be to help manage your valuable information, data, and knowledge. Technology should enable business processes, rather than drive business decisions. 

We’re not a value-added reseller (VAR), and we’re not tied to any specific platform or vendor. We’re platform agnostic and have extensive experience with all of today’s major platforms, including Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, WordPress, Salesforce, and many others. 


FireOak's Technology Consulting Services

We work with all types of organizations to build out, streamline, and support technology infrastructures, IT operations, and toolsets that align with a client’s  unique characteristics, mission, culture, preferences, in-house expertise, and budget. Here are just a few of our services. 

Fractional CIO

Get the support of the FireOak team of experts to guide your organization’s information security program, approach, strategy, and operations.

InfoSec Strategies & Program Development

We can work together to develop a formal information security program, policies, approach in a proactive way, based on your organization’s mission, risk appetite, and other unique characteristics. We’ll develop a strategy and program that is fit for purpose, sustainable, and scalable. 

Information & Data Governance

Is it time for a review of your existing information and data governance model, policies, procedures, and guidelines? Does your existing framework align with current business needs, today’s tech stack, and your existing staffing model? We can take a fresh look at your policies, procedures, and documentation to identify and address gaps and inconsistencies.

Getting Started

Where do I start?

Contact us to discuss your top information technology concerns, challenges, and priorities, and we’ll design an engagement specifically for your organization.

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News and insights from the FireOak team about managing, securing, and sharing knowledge

Recommended Bitwarden Settings - Multi-Factor Authentication
Information Security
FireOak Communications Team

FireOak’s Recommended Bitwarden Settings

Bitwarden is a great password management tool. Following are FireOak’s recommended Bitwarden settings, all of which we strongly recommend enabling for enterprise accounts. If possible, configure these organizational policies and settings before deploying for users.

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