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Working with Private Sector Companies


Our private sector clients come from all sectors -- financial services, healthcare, R&D, manufacturing, and more. With all of our clients, we work to enhance how they manage, secure, and share organizational information, data, and knowledge.

We’re often brought in by a senior leader from the C-suite, Human Resources, Communications, or other part of the organization outside of IT to enable business transformation.

Private Sector Client Projects

A few examples of our work with private sector companies:

FireOak Private Sector Client - Software Development Company

Using Office 365 to Support Knowledge Management

  • Conducted a discovery process -- ranging from search query analysis to conversations with users -- to identify pain points and gaps in the current knowledge management environment
  • Built a knowledge management portal; refined and iterated based on feedback from users and program managers
  • Identified key performance indicators and analytics to measure success and to inform ongoing improvements and enhancements to content and functionality
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FireOak Private Sector Client - Healthcare Company

Knowledge Management Strategy & Implementation

  • Conducted a holistic information & knowledge management assessment, focusing on how the organization manages, secures, and shares its internal knowledge, information, and data
  • Facilitated a process to help the organization rethink collaboration and internal knowledge sharing
  • Broke down silos between groups by implementing new processes for managing and sharing knowledge
FireOak Private Sector Client - Insurance Company

Office 365 Intranet Modernization

  • Evaluated current intranet, collaboration platforms, and business process automation tools
  • Conducted a needs assessment to prioritize needs and define requirements
  • Facilitated a process to help the organization reconceptualize a modern intranet within Office 365
  • Developed and implemented a plan for building out a new intranet using Office 365
FireOak Private Sector Client - Phama R&D

Knowledge Management Discovery & Strategy

  • Conducted an information and knowledge management assessment, focusing on processes for capturing, collecting, organizing, finding, and re-using internal intellectual property
  • Developed and implemented a knowledge management strategy aimed at increasing operational efficiencies and effectiveness, with a particular focus on the company’s call center operations

Services for Private Sector Companies

private sector services
private sector services

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FireOak Strategies partners with all types of organizations, but our specialties are working with nonprofits, private sector companies, and international organizations. We’ve worked with clients all over the world and focused on areas as varied as healthcare, pharmaceuticals, insurance, travel, agriculture, education, humanitarian aid, and manufacturing.

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