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Knowledge Management Consulting

Connecting people to the information & knowledge they need to be successful

In today’s increasingly complex digital environment, it is critical for organizations to make the most of their internal knowledge in order to achieve operational excellence, offer the best possible services, spark innovation, and meet stakeholders’ needs.

FireOak’s knowledge management consulting team can help your organization achieve these goals.

Knowledge Management Consulting Services

Our KM consulting services are tailored for each organization based on its specific needs, characters, and stage of maturity with KM; here are just a few of our typical services that are designed for organizations of all sizes and sectors

KM Assessments

Get started with a current state assessment of your KM environment

Modern Intranets

Whether you’re building your first intranet, migrating an intranet, or refreshing an intranet, we can help.

Knowledge Bases

Make sure your organization has a single source of truth for critical knowledge.

Microsoft 365 KM & InfoSec Assessment

Make sure your organization’s critical knowledge in Microsoft 365 is secure and that sharing is being properly managed.

Google Workspace KM & InfoSec Assessment

Protect your organization’s knowledge stored in Google Workspace environment.

Virtual CIO

Need a trusted advisor to serve as a virtual Chief Information Officer? Or looking for external support as you hire a new CIO? FireOak can help.

Knowledge Transfer

Worried about knowledge walking out the door due to staff turnover, retirements, or layoffs?

Continuous Improvement

Incorporate continuous improvement into your organization’s approach to KM.

Open Access & Open Knowledge

Launch or assess an open access, open data, or open knowledge program.

Not sure where to start?

We recommend starting with a Knowledge Management Assessment.

All organizations manage their information, data, and knowledge in some way. But when we’re talking about knowledge management, we’re referring to organizational approaches that are intentional, coordinated, and, to some degree, systematic or consistent. Typically, moving from an ad hoc approach to a more unified, coordinated one is a journey.

We recommend starting with an assessment or discovery process to surface what’s working well and identify the root causes for pain points. We want to make sure that we’re solving the right problems and that we build a KM program that aligns with your organization’s goals, priorities, characteristics, culture, and tech stack.

Get to know the FireOak consulting team

Our expertise spans all aspects of information management and information science — everything from information technology and cybersecurity to metadata management, information classification, open access/open data, and library science. Our strength is in our ability to diagnose and solve real business problems. We listen carefully and collaborate closely with our clients to recommend approaches, technologies, processes, and tools that are the right fit.

Recognized Expertise

FireOak Strategies has been named “Knowledge Management Company of the Year” for 2019 by CIOReview for knowledge management consulting companies/services.