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Who We Are

What We Do

We help our clients manage, share, and secure their organizational knowledge.

Our Focus: Knowledge Management & Information Security

We’re laser-focused on helping organizations with knowledge management and information security. That translates into advising our clients on ways in which they can enhance how they manage, secure, and share their organizational knowledge.

Our engagements are often initiated by an executive, a member of the senior leadership team, Human Resources, or IT.

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Our Capabilities

Examples of our knowledge management, information security, and other services for clients: 

Knowledge Management Consulting:

  • Fractional Chief Information Officer (CIO) services
  • Knowledge Management Assessments
  • Knowledge Management Strategies & Roadmaps
  • Knowledge Management Initiatives — Implementations & Operations
  • Microsoft 365 Intranets
  • Curation Services
  • Knowledge Bases & Portals
  • Training & Change Management
  • Communities of Practice

Information Security Consulting:

  • Fractional Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) services
  • Cybersecurity Program Development
  • Information Security Assessments
  • C-Suite Briefings
  • Cybersecurity Incident Response Planning
  • Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Cloud Security Assessments
  • Shadow IT Detection & Remediation
  • Information Security Policy Development & Governance
  • Cybersecurity Awareness & Training Programs

Information & Data Management:

  • Information & Data Governance
  • Fractional Chief Information Officer (CIO) services
  • Microsoft 365 Intranets
  • Enterprise Architecture Evaluations
  • Training & Change Management
  • Metadata & Taxonomy Development
  • Knowledge Base Design, Development, and Migrations
  • On-Prem to Cloud Storage Strategies & Implementation Plans

Open Access & Open Data:

  • Open Access & Open Data Policies
  • Open Access & Data Management Assessments
  • Open Access Compliance Evaluations
  • Open Access & Open Data Strategies
  • FAIR Principle Evaluations
  • Open Access Planning & Implementation
  • Metadata & Taxonomy Initiatives
  • Training & Change Management

About our clients

FireOak Strategies serves all types of clients, but we specialize in working with nonprofits, private sector companies, international organizations, and higher education. 

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