FireOak Team

Meet the FireOak Team

We're a small but nimble group of knowledge management, library/information management, and information security experts. We're a geeky bunch who thrive on solving information-related problems; curating content; connecting people to the information & knowledge they need; and applying our expertise to make data, information, and knowledge easily findable, discoverable, reusable, and secure. 

The FireOak Leadership Team:

Abby Clobridge
Founder & Consultant

Abby is the founder of and consultant at FireOak Strategies. Abby has been working at the intersection of knowledge management, information management & libraries, and information technology for over twenty years, first as an in-house expert and now as a consultant. She's worked with clients all over the world, including the United States, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and, most recently, South America. 

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Eric Smith
Chief Technologist & Information Security Officer

Eric is the FireOak team's Chief Technologist and Information Security Officer (CISO). Eric provides technical oversight for all client projects and our internal platforms.  

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Eric Hinsdale

Knowledge Management Consultant

Mimi Krystel

Senior Project Manager

Kelly LeBlanc

Knowledge Management & Taxonomy Specialist

Julie Rappold

Knowledge Management & Taxonomy Specialist

Kara Stith

Knowledge Management Analyst

Heather Sullivan

Senior Communications Consultant