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Technical Expertise

FireOak Acorn (2022)

We take our technical skills and expertise seriously

The FireOak team prides itself on staying current with new trends, tools, technologies, and platforms. We’re often found exploring new ways to leverage AI, writing scripts to automate tasks or streamline workflows, building tools to make processes more efficient, and developing new ways to make systems more resilient.

Recent projects include:

  • Large-scale extract-transform-load (ETL) projects to migrate knowledge assets between platforms
  • Developing a custom chatbot for a knowledge base
  • Developing custom tools for on-the-fly language translation within an intranet
  • Using the FireOak Acorn to remotely diagnose a client’s network outage

Cutting-Edge Technologies

Over the past few years, the FireOak team has become particularly interested in several new technologies and how they can be deployed to help our clients solve real-world problems. We’re particularly interested in how we can use AI, automation, 3d printing, VR, and other makerspace technologies. AI has been a game changer, especially for small and mid-sized organizations, leveling the playing field by democratizing access to advanced technologies that were once the domain of large enterprises.  Read more about FireOak’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Automation work

3D Printing

Large Language Models & AI In the Workplace

Virtual Reality


Tech Expertise

Experts in Today's Major Platforms

Our team includes technical experts in all of today’s major cloud platforms — including the entire Microsoft 365 ecosystem, Google Workspace, Make.com (formerly Integromat), WordPress, Salesforce, and many other platforms. We’ve worked with many cloud platforms on behalf of our clients, and we’re used to learning the ins and outs of new platforms all the time.  

For these platforms and many others, we have: 

From the FireOak Blog

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