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Working with Nonprofit Organizations


With all of our clients, we work to enhance how they manage, secure, and share organizational information, data, and knowledge. Our nonprofit clients vary tremendously in the focus of their work, but they include foundations, think tanks, research and education institutions, and associations.

All of our nonprofit clients are particularly concerned with being as effective and efficient as possible so they can focus on accomplishing their mission and achieving their goals.

Common traits among our nonprofit clients:

  • Mission-driven
  • Staff are always looking for new ways to help accomplish organizational goals
  • Lots of ad hoc, informal procedures about how to work
  • Concerns with organizational knowledge walking out the door
  • Grassroots knowledge management efforts
  • Proliferation of free cloud platforms, making it difficult for staff to find information
  • Small and/or outsourced IT roles
  • Common misconception that “no one would want to hack us,” which is used as an excuse for not having an information security program in place
  • Assumption that external IT vendors are responsible for information security

We partner with nonprofits to fine-tune their processes, policies, procedures, and technologies in ways that are cost-effective, practical, and balance security and sharing.

Nonprofit Client Stories

These stories are designed to illustrate and showcase some of the typical work the FireOak team conducts for nonprofits.

Nonprofit Philanthropy

Knowledge Management & Information Security

  • Conducted a combined knowledge management & information security discovery and current state assessment
  • Performed hands-on, deep dive assessments for Office 365 and Salesforce platforms
  • Developed an implementation Roadmap for managing, securing, and sharing organizational information, data, and knowledge
  • Read the full case study...
Nonprofit Policy Institute

Cybersecurity Assessment & Roadmap

  • Conducted a comprehensive, hands-on technical assessment for multiple offices
  • Prioritized findings based on risk assessment
  • Prepared briefings for C-level executives, senior management team, and Board of Trustees
  • Developed a practical three-year plan for moving forward
Nonprofit College

Information Security Maturity Assessment

  • Conducted a holistic assessment of the college’s information security program -- people, processes, and technology
  • Facilitated conversations with faculty and staff outside of IT to raise awareness of security-related issues and begin to change the culture around cybersecurity
  • Identified top risks and provided recommendations for strengthening the college’s cybersecurity posture
  • Provided cybersecurity briefings to C-level executives, faculty, and other senior leaders
Nonprofit Policy Institute

Office 365 Intranet Modernization

  • Evaluated current intranet, collaboration platforms, and business process automation tools
  • Conducted a needs assessment to prioritize needs and define requirements
  • Facilitated a process to help the organization reconceptualize a modern intranet within Office 365
  • Developed and implemented a plan for building out a new intranet using Office 365
Nonprofit Philanthropy

Knowledge Management Implementation & Operations

  • Developed a strategy and implementation plan for a series of new knowledge management tactics, including a knowledge base
  • Built a knowledge base with custom fields, interactive functionality, and reporting capabilities
  • Developed a custom app to conduct extract-transform-load functionality to ingest thousands of records into the knowledge base
  • Performed curation services and long-term support as requested by the client

Services for Nonprofits

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nonprofit services

Who We Serve: About Our Clients


FireOak Strategies partners with all types of organizations, but our specialties are working with nonprofits, private sector companies, and international organizations. We’ve worked with clients all over the world and focused on areas as varied as healthcare, pharmaceuticals, insurance, travel, agriculture, education, humanitarian aid, and manufacturing.

Our Work with International Organizations