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About FireOak

Our Values

We help our clients manage, secure, and share their organizational knowledge. 

Our Values

The following core values are part of FireOak’s DNA. Along with our guiding principles, these values direct how we approach our work.

Our clients’ needs come first.
Every client is unique. We work to fully understand each client’s specific challenges and then develop solutions that solve their problems. Each client deserves a deep level of commitment and engagement from our team. We are thought partners with our clients. We add value and make meaningful contributions to what our clients do and how they do it.

Learning is fundamental to who we are.
We are experts, and we work hard to maintain our expertise in a continually-evolving and changing field. We are self-motivated and love to learn new things. We aren’t content with the status quo. We make time to pause, reflect, learn from and teach each other, and grow our skills, knowledge, and expertise.

We’re smart about how we work.
We’re driven by data. Our instincts are sound, but we balance what we know with what the data tells us. We look to data to drive much of what we do, how we do it, and what guidance we give to our clients. Recommendations shouldn’t only be based on instinct, but what we can interpret and extrapolate from data. We don’t waste our clients’ time. We use a project-based billing model as we believe it is best for our clients. No one wins when billable hours are the goal.

We’re nimble and flexible.
We adjust and adapt as needed. Since our clients’ needs come first, sometimes that means a substantial shift in direction or priorities with little advance notice.

We’re enthusiastic, energetic, tenacious, and hard working.
We’re a highly-driven team. We work hard and we respond quickly. We take tremendous pride in our work, and we’re dedicated to doing what’s necessary to solve our clients’ problems and exceed their expectations.

About our clients

FireOak Strategies serves all types of clients, but we specialize in working with nonprofits, private sector companies, international organizations, and higher education. 

Start the conversation

Reach out to schedule a time to talk. After we understand what you hope to accomplish and what problems you’re trying to solve, we’ll put together a custom proposal and work with you to get started on your consulting engagement.