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Category: Information Security

  • Talking to your Board about Cybersecurity

    Talking to your Board about Cybersecurity

    FireOak’s tips for talking to your board and organizational leadership team about cybersecurity!

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  • Optimize your VPN for Office 365

    Optimize your VPN for Office 365

    Increase performance and reduce system load by automatically excluding Office 365 traffic from your organization’s split tunnel VPN.

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  • Coronavirus Cybersecurity & Knowledge Management Checklist

    Is your staff ready to work from home en masse? Consult the FireOak Strategies Coronavirus Cybersecurity Checklist to prepare your organization.

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  • Email and website security for the 2020 presidential candidates

    What’s the state of email security for the 2020 presidential candidates? And what about the security of candidates’ websites? Read more for our analysis!

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  • Deleted Epstein Video Exposes 4 Cybersecurity Failures

    4 ways in which the deleted Epstein surveillance video highlights gaps in an organization’s cybersecurity program, and what you can do to prevent such nightmares at your organization.

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  • FireOak at Global Digital Health Forum 2019

    Stop by booth 5 at the Global Digital Health Forum to ask FireOak consultants your questions about cybersecurity & knowledge management!

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  • The Dark Side of Open Data

    The environment around research data management and open data has become incredibly complex—and the evolution doesn’t appear to be slowing down at all.

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  • Responsible Data Use: A 5 Days of Data Twitter Chat

    Over the past few years, responsible data has become a hot topic within the world of international development and humanitarian aid. As funding agencies push for open data and data-driven decision making, and digital technologies continue to evolve, development workers, researchers, and other individuals involved in supporting aspects of the data lifecycle are becoming increasingly…

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  • Data Transparency Panel at ICT4D Conference

    Join Abby Clobridge (Founder, FireOak Strategies) and Kait Maloney (Project Manager, Data Transparency Initiative, Catholic Relief Services) for a panel discussion about organizational considerations for data transparency and security at the ICT4D Conference.

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  • Collection 01 Password Analysis

    In January 2019, a massive database of email addresses and passwords was released on the internet. The collection included over 773 million unique email addresses and 21 million unique passwords, credentials that were assembled from many data breaches.

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