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Conferences & Events

Members of the Fireoak team have presented at many international, national, and regional events about topics related to knowledge management, information security, open access, and data management.

FireOak Speakers and Topics

Our team is able to speak on a wide variety of topics related to managing, sharing, and securing information, data, and knowledge. Here are just a few examples. Contact us if you have something else in mind!

Abby Clobridge

Founder of FireOak Strategies, LLC

Topics: All things related to knowledge management, open access and open data, information management, data management, protecting and safeguarding information.

Eric Smith

Chief Technologist & Information Security Officer

Topics: Information security, security and privacy implications of knowledge management, technology solutions to knowledge management problems, 3d printing, and beekeeping.

Need a knowledge management or information security expert for your conference?

Our team is available to schedule an upcoming speaking engagement. Get in touch today!

Email: [email protected]
Phone: +1 919-408-7766