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Meet the FireOak team in person at these upcoming events and conferences:

2019 Conferences and Events


Washington, DC -- November 2019

Global Digital Forum

Bethesda, Maryland -- December 2019
Details coming soon.

Past Events & Conferences


Big Data Convention

Hyderabad, India -- October 2019
Abby Clobridge moderated a panel for good practices for managing research data throughout the data life cycle.

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Washington, DC -- September  5-6, 2019
The FireOak team hosted a demo table at the Monitoring, Evaluation, Research, and Learning (MERL) Technology in development conference.

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Nairobi, Kenya -- April 2019
Abby Clobridge (Founder, FireOak Strategies) and Kait Maloney (Catholic Relief Services) hosted a panel discussion about organizational considerations for data transparency and information security.

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Washington, DC -- November 2018
FireOak Strategies, LLC was pleased to be a platinum sponsor of KMWorld, one of the leading annual conferences dedicated to knowledge management.

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CGIAR Big Data Convention 2018

Nairobi, Kenya - October 2018

Abby Clobridge and Eric Smith will be sharing three research data loss horror stories from an information security perspective -- situations that led to entirely preventable data loss.

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Office 365 Symposium

Washington, DC -- November 2018
Abby Clobridge and Eric Smith from the FireOak team discussed balancing security and sharing within the Office 365 ecosystem.

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Enterprise Search

Washington, DC -- November 2018
Eric Smith (Chief Technologist, FireOak Strategies) discussed privacy and information security issues within the context of enterprise search.

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ICT4D 2018

Lusaka, Zambia -- May 2018



Philadelphia, PA -- October 2017
FireOak Strategies, LLC participated in EDUCAUSE's annual convention as part of start-up alley.

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Diagnosing Taxonomy Issues

Special Libraries Association Annual Conference -- June 2016
Abby Clobridge will be speaking at the Special Libraries Association Annual Conference. Her presentation, "Diagnosing Taxonomy Issues" and Q&A will be part of a panel: "SharePoint Term Store Management: Tales from the Front."

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