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Knowledge management and information security journey

Enhancing the way that information, data, and knowledge are managed, protected, and shared is a journey, not a destination.

On top of the frustrations staff face on a daily basis -- and the amount of collective time wasted hunting for things and recreating files -- trying to protect and secure the sprawl of this data, information, and knowledge is overwhelming. Typically today, we see organizations storing high-value and confidential data, information, and knowledge in many disconnected systems, making it incredibly difficult for staff members to find what they’re looking for, access information, trust that they’re using the latest information, and properly protect everything.

While no single tool can magically fix all of your organization’s information-related challenges, we can make it easier and more-cost effective to manage, protect, and share your organization’s information, data, and knowledge.

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Case Studies

ICT4D: Solving the Right Problems

For organizations with staff in multiple locations, adopting tools that allow staff to easily and securely store and share information and data is critically important yet can be a real pain point.
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