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Are your staff frustrated at how hard it is to find the information they need to do their work? Do staff waste time searching for and downloading documents? Do you need a better way to provide self-service information to board members, staff, customers, or other stakeholders?

We can help. We'll make it easier to connect people to the information and knowledge they need to be successful.When you work with FireOak Strategies, you work with information and knowledge management experts. We'll design and implement a knowledge base using your preferred platform -- we're not here to sell you a new system.

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Why Knowledge Management?

Think your organization might benefit from strengthening its approach to knowledge management (KM)? Here are some of the top indicators of KM challenges.

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Balancing Security and Sharing

Striking the right balance between protecting and securing digital assets and promoting internal knowledge sharing can be a challenge. Find the right balance for your organization.

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