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Developing a Knowledge Management Program

Designing, launching, and establishing a new knowledge management program takes careful planning and execution. Too often, we see organizations fail. Avoid common mistakes.

Abby Clobridge is the founder of FireOak Strategies. She works with organizations around the world to support knowledge sharing -- including open access, open data, information security -- to connect people to the data, information, and knowledge they need. You can reach Abby at [email protected]

Designing, launching, and establishing a new knowledge management program takes careful planning and execution. Too often, we see organizations fail with knowledge management because they’ve jumped in and went straight to tactics without first identifying what problem(s) they’re trying to solve. Other organizations want to start by reviewing new systems, tools, or technologies without clearly identifying what the requirements are or addressing what the purpose is of a new system.

In our work with clients, we strongly recommend the following process to get to a successful outcome: 


Knowledge Management Assessment

Undertake a full assessment of your organization’s current knowledge management environment. What are the key problems staff face in regards to finding, accessing, reusing, and sharing data, information, and knowledge? What data backs up these assumptions?


Knowledge Management Design & Strategy

Prioritizing which problems we’re going to solve through the Knowledge Management program. Strategy is not about the “how,” but rather about the “what.”


Knowledge Management Tactical Plan

Defining how we’re going to solve the problems uncovered during the KM assessment and how to accomplish the goals established in the KM strategy.


Knowledge Management Implementation

The process of implementing the tactics and new initiatives.


Knowledge Management Operations

Day-to-day support for knowledge management operations, including governance, continuous monitoring of relevant data, enhancing KM tactics, reviewing and revising the strategy.

We’re here to help if you’re ready to develop a new knowledge management program or want to retool and refresh an existing program to address today’s needs. Contact the FireOak knowledge management team!

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